Silver Spoon Hat Rack

The last part of the set is a matching hat rack. You may recognize the spoons from another project. I got a box of old silverware from the Williams Grove Flea Market last year in Mechanicsburg, PA. It was nothing of value. They are steel spoons that are silver plated. You could easily make these from any flatware you pick up at your local thrift store. I used spoons all about the same size but with different decorative handles for this project.

I have to stress that you must use the right kind of drill bits to get through metal safely. Use either cobalt, titanium or anything rated for hard metals. If you use a standard wood bit you will damage the bit and maybe hurt yourself. I also used a drill press for drilling through the spoons.

You need to measure the area you want to install the key rack and cut the wood to size (TIP: Cut a piece of cardboard to size and thumb tack it to the wall just to be sure you are happy with the size).

I didn’t have any older wood at the time so I used bead board and a thin molding I liked. After I cut the wood to size I attached the molding to the board with glue and finishing nails. I set the nail into the details to hide them. I sanded the edges of the board to soften the appearance.

You need to dry fit the hardware. This is easier than you may think. It just requires a little division. In my case I used 5 spoons all about the same size. So I measured the length of my board (let’s just say it was 12”) and divided by 6. Then I made a pencil mark every 2”. VABOOM!! All the spoons will be evenly spaced.

It is time to paint, stain, decoupage or whatever makes you happy. I used green craft paint. After that dried I added a second coat of white craft paint. Once that was dry I sanded off some of the white to get a weathered look.

As you can see in the picture I alternated the direction of the spoons. For the ones on the bottom I used a pair of vise grips to curl the handles. I wrapped small pieces of cloth around the teeth of the vice grip to help prevent marring. Once I placed the spoons where I wanted them I made a mark on the spoons with a marker to indicate where I was going to drill the hole. Then I just mounted them with a screw that complements the spoon.

For hanging the hat rack I chose to screw it into the wall. I drilled out holes deep enough to insert screw hole plugs afterwards. (TIP: Measure the thickness of the wood and only drill half way through). Once hung and the plugs were inserted, I used the same craft paint and some artist brushes to make the plugs match the finish.


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