Carrie’s Crafts: Teacup Pin Cushions

Carrie made gifts for her mother and sister for Christmas this year. Since both of them enjoy sewing, she made them pin cushions. Not regular everyday pincushions. She made them out of tea cups and saucers. They enjoyed them and Carrie enjoyed making them so we thought we would share her crafting.

For this craft she used; Teacup and Saucer, Hot Glue, E-6000, Plastic Flowers, Plastic beads, Fiberfill, Stockings, Fabric and Thread.

First she attached the teacup to the saucer using E-6000. It takes a little while to cure so this should be done a few hours before the rest of the craft.

Next she assembled the pincushion. To figure out how much fiber fill she needed she took a few handfuls and pressed them into a stockings. Then she formed them into a balls and fitting them into the teacups. If they was too big she took out some fiberfill, if not big enough she added more. Once they were to her liking she tied off the stockings.

This would work but look very plain. She looked for fabric that complemented the design of the teacups and saucers. She cut circles about twice the size of the fiberfill balls and sewed in a gathering stich. Lastly she covered the fiber fill balls with the fabric, pulled the gathering taut and tied it off. Now the pin cushion sections are done.

Once the teacups and saucers were properly adhered she tuned to assembly and frills. The rest required a hot glue gun and some creativity. She glued the pin cushion into the teacups. Then she glued beads and flowers wherever it made sense.


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