Gift Ideas for Your Upcycler

Are you looking for some last minute gifts or stocking stuffers for your Upcycler/Crafter. Here are few things to look at.

Things that you would almost never buy yourself but would be happy to get.

Drill Bit Sharpener – Whenever drill bits get dull your DIYer is silently contemplating, “New bits or sharpener”?

Pivot Square – For your more serious Handy-Type. If their shop is just starting, start them with the Framing & Quick squares.

Jig Pocket Hole System – If your DIYer has crossed into building furniture, frames or any finer work than this is a winner. I picked mine up after a friend recommended it and I kick myself for not getting one years ago.

Bluetooth Shop Speaker – We all pretty much stream music from our phones. I like to have music going when I’m in the shop for hours on end. There are basic ones that are fine for most. You can also look for water resistant. Just get one that can keep a charge for at least 4 hours.

Even if they have it they could always use more

Trigger Clamps – I don’t care who you are. Even if you already have clamps you can always use more.

Utility Knives – They are ready have a basic box cutter type. Upgrade! For $20 or less you can get ones that fold, built in wire strippers, better grip, ect….

Rotary Tool Accessories – Everything in these kits eventually wear out and need replace. For me I’m picking up sanding drums every month or so.

Floor Mats – After standing on a concrete floor for a few hours it gets to your feet. These are good just about anywhere.

Stocking Stuffers

Headlights/Headlamps – They are cheap and always useful. In the shop, garage, under the hood, under the sink or pretty much anywhere. I got a three pack of them a few years. Unless your DIYer would use them a lot there is no need to get expensive ones.

Torpedo Level – I am always misplacing mine. The go for about $10

Framing Squares and Quick Squares – You will have to look through their shop. Most handy types already have these. They are a basic wood working need.

Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool – Everyone needs one. In my case I needed one to retrieve the one I dropped.

Inspection Mirror – I cannot count how many hours I could have saved trying to figure out what the problem was in a tight space with this. Just like the headlamps your DIYer can use this anywhere.

Universal Socket – You always want the right tool for the right job. These are great in a pinch for under $15. Carrie got me one a few years ago and use it more often than I thought I would.





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