Soda Crate End Table

We rearranged our furniture and realized we had a need for an end table. I wanted something unique and functional. So I designed this as an end table that also stores our family’s games in (card games, video games, chess board, ect…)

I picked up some soda crates at a flea market with the idea of using them for a chest of drawers. Originally I was going to buy new wood for this project but I ran across a pallet that I liked. It had a lot of print on it and I tried my best to keep it legible. In the midst of contemplating how I wanted to make the tabletop I realized that I already had something.

Carrie and I bought a soap stone chess set in the mid 90’s. We always had it out until we had babies. Some things just having to go away until he kids get older. Well the kids got older and it just stayed in a box. I want to say the box had 7 moving stickers on it.

All of the wood is from a single pallet. After I cut each piece down I mainly sanded the corners and edges to prevent splinters. I used a sanding sponge for any other areas. I used pocket screws everywhere I could, for tight joints. A friend recommended a Kreg pocket screw jig. Best $30 investment I made in a long time. I may upgrade if I get into more precession work.

After I assembled everything I put one coat of poly on the table and the soda crates. I put felt on the legs to prevent it from scratching the floors. If you don’t prefer felt there are a lot of options to choose from. Just look for “Furniture Tips” or “Furniture Glides”.

It’s fun conversation piece and stores away all of our games.

I have one soda crate left. I may try this again and make a 1 drawer end table. I have been collecting beer bottle caps for a while. I am considering putting them in the table top. I don’t have need for it, so if I make it I will have to sell it.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. That is so cool! Nice job.


    1. Gus Tatlas says:

      Thank you.


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