Chandelier Upcycled into a Dessert Service Centerpiece

When we moved into our house the first thing we did was replace all of the builder brass light fixtures. It’s just not our style. Apparently it is not the style of many. Yard sale after yard sale nobody was interested. I want to say we put $10 on the chandelier at the last one.

I thought it was a waste to throw it away. So I figured I would try to upcycle it into something. Carrie looked on Pinterest and found this idea. Upcycling the chandelier into a service centerpiece. In the immortal words of Barney Stinson “Challenge Accepted”. I actually said that, Carrie was not amused.

The first thing I had to do was find the plates. As usual I hit up the thrift stores. I found these milk-white plates and the Community Aid in Mechanicsburg. I liked the fact that they had a decorative relief on them.

Next I had removed all of the electrical. For the most part it was straight forward. I was careful not to destroy the sockets so I can use them for future projects. The chandelier had candelabras. I’m thinking about putting them in tea cups or on small bottles. I’ll just have to see if I can get candle sleeves the correct diameter.

Now I had to make a few adjustments to the chandelier. I wanted both the arms and the base to provide support. Since it is brass I was concerned that if only the arms were supporting the weight that eventually the arms may bow. I removed a spacer and the finial from the bottom of the base. I had to shorten the threaded rod with a hack saw to get the pieces to fit tightly. I thought the base for the top plate was too high so removed spacers and shortened the rod well.

Before I made any other decisions we did a dry fit. I cleaned off the kitchen island and placed the piece with the plates just set on arms and the top. I only wanted to paint it once so we let it sit and pondered it for a little while. We decided on a hammered silver finish but when we got to the store the silver glitter finish caught my eye. With the holidays coming up and the intent to sell this at a holiday craft show it just made the most sense.

I used almost two cans of spray paint to get completed coverage. The most important part of the painting processes was roughing up the metal. I used steel wool and took the time to make sure that when I was done you couldn’t find shiny brass anywhere. Then I wiped it down thoroughly to get rid of any dust.

I flipped the chandelier in between coats just to make sure I could get every crevice. I just followed the manufactures directions when it came to applying multiple coats. I gave it a full day for the paint to cure.

Next was applying the plates. I glued them using E6000 craft glue. In using E6000 it is necessary to apply the glue to both surfaces and allow it to sit for a minute or two before joining the materials. This gives us the strongest bond.

Here is what I came up with to center the plates properly. The bases the plates are going to mounted to are round and almost look like a donut. I wanted a circular bead of glue in the center of the ring. I needed to make sure the bead of glue on the base and the plates are the same diameter. I rounded up a few lids until I found one that had a diameter that brought the edge of the lid to the center ring of the base. I put the lid in the center of the bottom of each plate and used a marker to draw the circle. This worked out great! The circles on the bottom of the plates matched exactly where I wanted to put the bead of glue on the bases. The rest was just following the directions on the tube of glue. Once I had everything in place I put objects that weigh in at about 1 to 2 pounds on each plate. This was just to help get a solid bond. I left it alone for a full day before moving it and we are done.

Now I just have to sell it. If it does well I will be looking for old chandeliers at yard sales and flea markets.


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