Wine Bottle Candles


I got to the point that I pretty much perfected cutting wine bottles. When I started I was getting about half of them to cut properly. I’m at about 80% now. I use two methods depending on what my intention is. The first is the hot and cold shock method and the other is a tile saw.

So I had a bunch of cut bottles and only needed so many self-watering planters. I needed new ideas. A few Google searches later I saw them used as candles. I thought it was a waste because no one was using the top of the bottles. So let’s figure out how to use the tops. I just needed an interesting stand. After making a few prototypes I came up with this simple copper coil. It’s simple in appearance but it takes a bit of work to get it just right.

I cut the cooper to 18 inches and chose a rod to bend it around. The thicker the rod the easier it will be to manipulate. In my case I used a wooden broom handle. Slowly I wrapped the copper into a semi-loose spiral starting with the center of the copper. Once that was done I took one end and made a level loop to support the bottle. I made them to fit each bottle. The rest is trial and error to get the look I like. For stability, I make a larger level loop at the bottom, at least the diameter of the bottle.

For tools I mostly used my hands and leather work gloves. Tin snips for cutting the copper and blunting the edges.

For these candles I used soy wax. Soy wax lasts longer than traditional candle wax but it does require a little more scent. Next time I want to try candle gel. I’ve never used it before but since it looks more like liquid I think it would be interesting in a wine bottle. Be mindful of the wick size. Wine bottles were not designed to be exposed to high heat for long periods of time so use a wick that will give you a smaller flame. This is another trial and error process. Fast burning wax will need a thinner wick for a small flame and slow burning wax will need a thicker wick or the wax will snuff out the flame.

If someone has a candle making blog, send me your link and I will add it here!



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