Silverware Windchimes

A while ago I picked up a box of old plated silverware for my projects. I was really after the spoons for garden markers and a hat rack. So I had a free day with no pending projects and a bunch of forks and knives left over. Wind chimes seemed like a good Idea so I came up with this prototype.

The wood is leftover scrap from a hardwood pallet and I used jute twine I had from some garden work. The look is fine but I will be coming up with something better than the twine. I’m considering a thin chain or fishing line. I like the idea of the fishing line. The knives and forks could look like they are floating.

The hardest part of this project was making sure I had the right drill bit for the job. I used cobalt bits rated for heavy metals and high temperatures. I cannot stress enough that it can be dangerous to use the wrong bit for drill through metal.

As my experimentation moves a long I will update the post. I welcome any suggestions.


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