Black Steel and Butcher-block Shelves

This was one of my favorite projects. I wanted a strong and bold shelf in my study to display some of my military memorabilia. My shadow box isn’t up there yet but once it is I will update the picture.

I knew I wanted a mix of steel piping and wood. I’ve seen examples for years and really liked the idea. I was just waiting to find the right piece of wood. I was thinking about some reclaimed wood but haven’t found the right piece. So I’m in my basement looking through my scrap and I find part butcher block table top. It’s not old wood but I liked it enough get this project started.

I chose black steel for two reasons. It’s cheaper and it looks cool. ¼” would have been strong enough but I went with 1 inch because I wanted a statement piece. With a project like this the piping is adjustable but not the wood. There was a little trial and error involved to get it right.

I ripped the wood into two 6” deep shelves. This was going to have to be mounted to the studs to support he weight so I drilled the 1” holes 16” apart. From the pictures you can see that the top shelf is support by T-connectors in the front and elbows in the back. What you may not see is the back of the bottom shelf rest on the flange. I also used black wood screws that closely matched the color of the steel.

If you try this I recommend having a hand for the mounting. It weighs about 40 pounds.



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