Knob Necklace Rack

This is a simple and fun project. Carrie showed me some pictures on pinterest and said she would like a Knob Necklace Rack for the glass pendants I gave her at Christmas. So this was my Sunday project. For Carrie the fun thing about this project is that she can be on the lookout for more knobs. Since they are easy to replace she could have a collection of interesting and colorful knobs to go along with her interesting and colorful pendants.

I would have prefered to use some reclaimed wood but I am fresh out. It’s January so there are no yard sales or flea markets this time of year in central Pennsylvania. This project is one reason why I rarely throw away scraps. For the Vintage Mirror project I had to replace the outer frame because of excessive water damage. I used window casing molding and I had just over 2′ left.

I cut the wood at 24″. For the rounded edges I used a wine glass that was conveniently next to my drill press to trace to arcs. What? Am I the only one that keeps a wine glass on the workbench?

I cut the arcs on the bandsaw and sanded the edges. For knob placement I found the exact center and pencil marked it. Then I placed another mark in 2″ intervals from the center. I used 9 knobs all together. Next I drill the holes slightly bigger that the bolt shafts. To recess the bolt heads I used a large bit and bored out the smaller holes about a 1/4″. I wanted this to sit flush against the wall so instead of adding picture hangers I drilled two holes 16″apart and 1/4″ deep about 1″ from the top. Then I stained it with some leftovers from when we refinished our dining room table.

These are knobs we already had. Carrie picked up the white porcelain ones a year or so ago. I used two of them on a previous project and had 6 more lying around. The silver knobs were left over from when our kitchen cabinets were installed.

If I run across more knobs I think I’ll make more of these for a craft fair.




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