DIY: Mirror Install

When the house was built we opted for very little embellishments in the master bath. Mostly because we were not sure what we wanted. We knew what we absolutely did not want and that was brass and tile. I love the look of tile I just hate cleaning and sealing grout. We decided that we want predominantly a contemporary elegance with a touch of old world warmth. Basically that means the largest pieces and fixtures will be very simple made of modern materials. The details will be in the accent pieces like a cupboard made of pallet wood or some vintage knick-knacks on a reclaimed wood shelf. Once all of this is done we will paint. I really don’t feel like painting, moving fixtures, repairing holes and then painting again.

We decided on brushed nickel fixtures. Carrie said the mirror had to go first, so that was the first project. It’s a huge plain flat mirror. It measures about 5’ x 3’. I thought about just making a frame for it but she doesn’t like the size. We bought some oval mirrors with brushed nickel brackets. They were not expensive and were easy to install.

This DIY project took about 30 minutes out of my Monday. The template included made it an easy install. I did want to add a few pictures showing how I leveled the mirror. If you do a lot of DIY I won’t be showing you anything new. For the newbie this can be helpful. The first thing is figuring out the placement. It is the master bath. So I’m not concerned about anyone but Carrie and I. I’m not an excessively tall guy so I centered them at my eyelevel. The mirrors pivot so if she needs them to adjust, they can.

I made a mark at my eyelevel and centered my laser level in-between where the mirrors will be hung. The template they provide has a horizontal marking to line up with the laser and has a crease at the center point that I darkened with pencil. The light fixtures are already centered over each so I used a second laser level with a bubble for vertical lines. This was the longest part of the installation and took about 10 minutes to get absolutely perfect.

Now that they are up I am happy we went with smaller mirrors. It freed up a lot of wall space and gives us more possibilities. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the old mirror.



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