Champagne and Humming Birds Table Lamp

This one was fun and a happy accident. I just so happen to find both items in the same place at the same time. It is rare for me to find a shade that goes perfectly with the base in one shot.

I found this really neat champagne bottle. Sorry, sparkling wine. It is Spanish. I didn’t want to make a planter or anything like that out of it but I thought it would be a nice lamp.

Luckily I happened upon this very basic lamp. It had a chrome base and stem with an interesting lampshade. The base complements the metal details on the bottle very well. This is truly a mashup of the two. The only new piece I had to use was a stem. The stem that came with the lamp was too short to use on the bottle. I used a hack saw to shorten the new stem to the correct length. With a threaded rod I take care in deburring the ends. It is very important not to damage the threads or the socket will not secure tightly.

It took more time to drill through the bottle. Champagne bottles have a much thicker bottom than wine bottles. I did wear out a bit and have to order a new one but I think it was worth it.

As much as I like this one, I am going to sell it. I only need a few table lamps in my home. I’m sure the right person will have to perfect spot picked out for it.


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