Cobalt Blue Lamp

When my niece was getting her first apartment her mother mentioned that she planned on decorating one of her rooms in blue. My sister-in-law also hinted that Crystal might like a table lamp. Since her apartment is older, there are no installed lights. So challenged accepted.

I started off by finding a cobalt blue liquor bottle (1.5L Sky Vodka). I also had just happened to already have the perfect lampshade. I had picked it up at a Community Aid for a few dollars. It is bright white and lacey. The lamp it was attached to, became spare parts.

Next I drilled the hole in the bottom for the base and the electrical. I use a diamond hole saw. In the pictures you will see the trick I use to keep the bit cool. I just make a ring with play-dough and fill it with water. The bit will slip a little if you come straight down without the benefit of a drill press. So I start slowly at an angle just to create a groove. Then I bring the bit back upright and drill straight down. When that step is done I rinse the bottle and set it aside to dry. If you have an air compressor you could probably blow it out. I don’t, so I wait.

While waiting I created the base. In my case, I had a brass base from another lamp that I broke down for spare parts. I used a pearl mist spray paint so the base would be a close match to the shade. It takes about a day to dry completely.

Once everything is dry I assemble the rest of the lamp and run the electrical just to make sure I am happy with the results, but I’m not finished.

I did want to make this one more unique from my other lamps. I was looking for a way to give it the illusion on being filled with liquid. I experimented with clear glass gems and it worked out great. You don’t notice them too much until the light is turned on. My niece thought there was actual liquid in it until she took a closer look.

A tip to filling bottles with glass gems is to have the threaded rod inserted almost to the top before you start putting in the gems. It will make it much easier to finish the piece.


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