Man-Cave Lamps

These lamps never get old. If you have hard liquor you prefer it’s akin to being loyal to a car brand or a football team. There is somewhat of a pride issue. If you have a man cave it is represented somewhere. It could be a clock, a vintage advertisement or a neon sign.

I am cheap, so I buy my liquor by the handle. Truly that hardest part of making these lamps is the punishment your liver goes through. I only have to drill two holes and since these bottles have a wide base there is no need to mount one. To drill through the glass look at my Cobalt Blue Lamp post. The other hole is drilled through the cap. I mount the socket to the cap with a short threaded rod. I used a lock washer and a nut on the bottom and the top. I have been asked before why I just mount the socket to the cap. It is so you can fill the jar with whatever you like. I prefer these bottles empty but I had clients tell me they fill them with colored glass that is typically used in fire pit. It should be obvious that you shouldn’t fill it with liquid but I will say it just in case. DO NOT FILL WITH LIQUID!!!

Another tip, decide on your lampshade first. It is much easier to find a socket to fit a lampshade than a lampshade to fit a socket.

Now just picture one of these on your bar. Better yet, on an end table next to your recliner while you enjoy a cigar and some brown liquor.


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