Pallet Wood Cupboard

Since we went with a sleek contemporary look for our master bath we decided to put the warm details in the accent pieces. As a result this was my first project with pallet wood. It is just a small cupboard for hand towels, wash cloths and knickknacks.

The pallet wood I had to work with was heavily used. I picked though the salvageable pieces and sanded them down just enough so there wouldn’t be any splinters. None of the pieces were completely straight but that was the point. I wanted something rustic, with character.

To make sure the doors could open and close properly I chose the straightest pieces for the sides and the door. I wanted to see the imperfections in the distressed wood so I picked the pieces with the roughest edges for the horizontal surfaces. Originally I had not put on a back. I had a few pieces of scraps with interesting knots and I cut them so the knots can be seen when we pull out the linen. I liked the added depth so I kept the backing. It added a lot of weight to it so I did have to use 3” wood screws and secure it to a stud.

I stained it with a brush since the wood was rough. It took longer to dry because it was difficult to remove all of the excess stain. When the stain was completely dry I brushed on one coat of a glossy poly. I chose glossy because I wanted to exaggerate the imperfections.

We’ve changed what we had on it a few times. Sometimes, just knickknacks, sometimes just linens and other times is a toilet paper holder. Mostly it’s a combination of the three. It’s practical, functional and interesting to look at. Since I made it of what I had lying around it only cost me my time. If I ever want to replace it I’ll just have to come up with something more interesting.

Maybe a combination of pallet wood and tempered glass?


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