Lucky Bamboo Propagation

My lucky bamboo (dracaena braunii ) was starting to get pretty tall and needed a trim. I have been growing it, at my cubical under florescent light, for about 4 months. We have zero windows and it is doing very well.

I have not propagated lucky bamboo before so I did a little research. As it turns out, it is very easy. I just needed to clip the growth close to the stalk. The stalk should grow a new bud from one of its nodes in a few months. In plain water, the clippings will start growing roots in a few weeks. The experts suggest changing the water weekly and to use filtered water. If using tap water it should be left out for 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate. If I do this correctly I should see orange to reddish roots in 4 to 6 weeks.

Lucky bamboo does not need soil but it does need a medium to hold it upright. I did not know what I wanted to move my new clippings to so I came up with a temporary solution. After looking at the wine bottle the stalks are currently in it occurred to me that a horizontal bottle could do the trick.

I cut the holes how I always do, with a diamond hole saw. I needed a medium to keep the plants upright so I filled the bottle about halfway with glass gems. Next time I think I am going to use aquarium stones. This particular bottle has a plastic cork. Unlike actual cork, once you poke a hole in it, it leaks. This was resolved by melting one end with a candle flame. I slightly melted the end that was going to be inserted into the bottle. The rest is easy, put in the plants, and fill with water.

I was going to make brackets to hold the bottle but as it turns out the weight of the glass gems keeps it from rolling.

I do enjoy this for propagating the lucky bamboo but it is not going to be its permanent home. I am interested in finding a house plant that can thrive just in water that would be good for this. If there are any suggestion please let me know.


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