Chalkboard Bottles

So I got bored one Sunday. I got a few hours in on my console playing Fallout 4 and figured I leveled up enough for the day. At that point all of the feral ghouls were starting to look the same. I’ve had enough time sitting around. I needed something to occupy my time so off to the basement workshop. Looking around at my scraps I realized that I had almost a full can of chalkboard paint, from previous projects. So crafting was on the day’s agenda.

I’ve seen this done before and wanted to try my hand at it. I also wanted to see if I could improve upon it. I think they turned out well. You just need the bottles, chalkboard paint, paint brushes and whatever decorations you like. In my case, decorative material we had lying around and some twine.

The first step is to remove the labels from the wine bottles. There are methods for removing that keep the labels intact but for my purposes I just wanted them gone. I soaked mine in warm water for about 30 minutes. After that I was able to get almost everything off with my finger nail. You could use a scraper of a putty knife if you like but my finger nail seemed to get the job done.

Some labels are easier than others. On many I usually have some glue left behind. For this I use Goo Gone. It is easy to find and works quickly. Just remember to wash off the Goo Gone afterwards or the paint won’t stick to the bottle. Everyday dishwashing detergent works. Also wait until the bottles are dry before moving on.

Painting is easy enough. For easy clean up, use a plastic tablecloth. I paint them vertically and make sure to cover the bottom edges. When it dries it will stick to the plastic for a second but it is not a chore to remove it. I repeat for second coat and when the bottles are dry I lay them on their sides to allow the bottoms to dry.

A few hours later the paint is cured enough for decorating. I use Modge Podge as my glue. Make sure you wipe off the excess immediately. There is no standard way to do this. Just have fun with what you have around. I used paper doilies on a few as well as burlap, jute twine, hemp twine and ribbon.

I use regular chalk for the designs. It wipes off easily with a damp rag. I tried chalk markers but the paint is too porous. I had to use a Clorox wipe to get it off. The chalk markers work fine on my Menu Board. It wipes off easily with a damp paper towel.



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