Succulent Planters

I have never kept succulents before. I was at Lowes the other day and they had packs of immature 6 succulents for about $5. I figure I would give it a shot. I picked up 4 packs and started reading up on them. Every species I looked says about the same thing.

  • Use soil for cactus and succulents that drains well.
  • Toughly water only when the soil is very dry.

Now I’m in the process of making interesting succulent planters. I’m starting with these wine bottles and as I come up with better ideas I’ll update this post.

I cut these using a tile saw (with the safety bar removed). As always I wear a face shield. I used to just wear safety goggles but that didn’t stop glass fragments from clinging to my beard. Sure it glistened in the light but it wasn’t really worth it. This takes a little practice and a steady hand… so you don’t lose it.


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