Headboard Benches

We have a small front porch and were in the need of some simple seating. It’s just somewhere to have a beer and enjoy the sunset. I’ve been batting around a few ideas for a while but never come up with anything I liked. A few weeks ago were checking out the yard sales and came across these twin bunk beds. On Pinterest I’ve seen headboard bunk beds before but never had one in front me. For $10 I figured it was the right price for an experiment.

Since I had two beds I decided to make two benches, the plan was to keep one and sell the other. At least that was my plan. After they were done Carrie had another plan. The “extra” one is prominently in our foyer. It works as a comfortable place to put your shoes on and take them off. Carrie put bins under the bench for storage.

I made two designs from the two twin beds. With one I inverted the footboard, built a box for seating and lopped off the feet so the seating would be flush. For the other I cut the footboard in half and used them as sides. This time I kept the feet as a decorative element.

I attached the boxes to the post with lag bolts. I could have used three or four deck screws in each leg but one lag screw is much stronger. My original thought was to upholster the seats. I cut plywood to fit and laid fabric on it to get an idea of what it would look like. It just didn’t sit right with me so I picked up some common board and went with slats.

I put a few coats of exterior black paint on the frames. I stained and used poly on the seats. We like both designs. The bench with the footboard in front had a few more inches of seating so we put that one on the front porch. We didn’t know the other was going to be in the foyer until I set it down there. I still tried to sell it and Carrie vetoed me. It worked out for the best It fits perfectly, but I really wanted an excuse to make another one, or two, maybe a half a dozen.


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