Soda Crate Bathroom Shelf

When we had the house built we decided on a pedestal sink in the powder room. Carrie told me the problem with that is there is no storage for toilet paper and hand towels. I didn’t see a problem. The hand towels are in the linen closet and the toilet paper is in one of those little racks you can pick up anywhere. Apparently I was wrong.

Here is the problem with being handy or creative. It becomes expected even when you just want to play the new DLC for Fallout 4. So I came up with this simple fix.

A while back I picked up 4 RC Cola soda crates for an end table project. As it turned out I only needed 3 for the project and I’ve had this extra one lying around. This very simple project solved my problem. I got to be creative, handy and get back to my console.

The whole point of using the crate is to display the graphics. With great care I sanded all of the surfaces without graphics. They don’t need to be completely smooth but smooth enough not to snag the towels and TP. I measured a roll of TP at 4” wide so I placed the shelf at 4.5” high. I was figuring that I was going to need the extra room for the hand towels and or knick-knacks. After it was all done and the dust cleaned off I used two coats of polyurethane. You can use whatever you like. I had some wipe on poly from a previous project so I used that. It gives more of an aged look and that is what I am going for here. After the project was dry I attached a saw tooth hanger on each side and we are done.

A quick and simple project and it is definitely a conversation piece. If you know me I like to talk. Perhaps I talk too much after a little social lubrication.


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