Corner Queen Headboard Benches

It just occurred to me that a corner bench would be an interesting project. I don’t actually need or really have the space for them so these were made to sell.

They had to be made from queen size headboards. Anything smaller wouldn’t have given enough space for sitting. If I made them from twin headboards they might be big enough for dolls or…… big enough for dolls? Ok, I think I’ll try to make a small one for a little-one’s dolly.

The only difficult part of this processes what cutting the headboards properly. For the two sides to be even, you can’t just cut them in half. There is a little math involved.

Length – Board Thickness – Blade Thickness = Short Side

The remaining side will be; Long Side = Short Side + Board Thickness

Once assembled, the benches will be symmetrical. You told your math teacher that you would never use it didn’t you? You should call them and apologize because to figure out the length of the hypotenuse (the longest side) you’re going to need the Pythagorean Theorem.

Since these were designed to take up a corner in a room I painted them with interior paint. With a coat of exterior paint, that could easily change.

I made the third legs from pallet wood and the framing was 2” x 4”s. As always I use pocket joints for a strong fit. I also use lag screws to attach the legs. The legs aren’t going to be walking away anytime soon…..see what I did there? Legs… walking away? That’s my Dad joke of the day. You’re welcome.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. I’m really thinking about a small one for a doll now.



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