Vintage Fans Upcycled into Lamps

As with most of my projects and upcycling ventures they all start with a yard sale. About a month ago I found a vintage Westinghouse desk fan in bad shape. My intention was to clean it and repair it. It cleaned up but the motor was completely shot. I looked into getting a new motor but they are just not made anymore. So it sat in basement for a few weeks until I decided to Google “What to do with vintage fans”. Once I saw people were turning them into lamps my inner Barnet Stinson said “Challenge accepted!” For the last few weeks I’ve been collecting as many vintage fans as I can find for upcycling.

My advice, if you want to do this yourself is patience. Each fan is different and in better or worse shape than the last. You may have to be a bit creative. On one, I had to permanently mount the pivot neck because the washers needed no longer exist. Another was missing all of the screws. Once upon a time they may have been standard but not today. It took a little time to find new ones I could tweak. Some I can preserve the original paint and others; it’s just not going to happen. Always, always and always replace the electrical. The older wires are brittle and dangerous.


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