Picture Frame Shelving

I have two questions for you. Have you ever had an old picture frame that has some damage to it, but you can’t seem to throw it away? Have you ever need more shelving but didn’t have an interesting idea? Well here is a solution for you. Simply use the frame as a face for your shadow box style shelving.

I’ve made a few of these so far and I’ve learned that it is almost impossible to mess it up. I have one basic rule that works for me. Pair the frame with materials similar in appearance. If the frame is in real rough shape use reclaimed materials and leave them somewhat rustic. Not too rustic, no one wants splinters. If the frame has slight wear than use new materials or refinish the older materials. Elegance with elegance, rustic with rustic.

Just have fun with it! I attach the boxes to the frames using pocket crews in inconspicuous places, usually the top and the bottom


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