Vintage Ironing Board Drying Rack

On our last visit to my in-laws they gave us an older wooden
ironing board. We had no idea what we were going to do with it but we figured it
would sit in the basement (with all my other pending projects) until something
came to us.

The easy decision was that it was going to be in our laundry room, but to do what exactly? I didn’t want it just for decoration. I always prefer to have our décor as functional as possible. There is only so much wall space.

Carrie said she wanted some sort of drying rack. Not just for when a few things come out of the dryer not quite dry but also for hand washed items. Our son is a swimmer and has practice every day. There are constantly swim jammers drying somewhere.

Carrie also wanted to some kind of collection jar added to it. For all of the money and junk that people never seem to take out of their pockets. By “people” I mean everyone but me, unless it’s a tool, then it’s definitely me.

This project became super simple with our old friend Amazon. I just needed to find some swing bar holders and mini buckets. I already had the hooks.

We wanted to put some funny sayings on the board. First I installed the hardware so I knew what space I had to work with. Next was making the stencils. I do not have a steady enough had for painting letters. Without going into too much detail I made the stencils with our Cricut Air.

All of the creativity goes by the wayside if you don’t pick the correct hangers. I started using keyhole hangers a few projects ago and that is my go-to now. If I can install them on a project, I will.

If you don’t have an old ironing board I’m sure you could make one out of some reclaimed wood. You could use new wood; you would just have to be creative with aging it.


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