Hall Tree

After I made the bookcase from an early 1900’s door I was looking for another door project. A co-worker had an interior door she had been trying to get rid of. It was an original to her 1940’s house, a closet door. I couldn’t really cut the door to make another bookcase, because of the slats. I’d figure something out.

Last summer a friend of mine got into real-estate and was getting a property ready for a listing, but ran into problem. It escapes me why, but for one reason or another, the fencing had to go. I think it was blocking the view or maybe it was over the property line. Either way it gave me the opportunity to take it off of her hands. It had no idea what I was going to with it but figured sooner or later I would come up with something. So this pile of fencing sat in my garage for about six months, until I got this door.

Carrie had been bugging me for a while to make something with a purse hook. I made a bench with hooks but she wanted to keep the bench that I had already made, after all it’s twin in on the porch. So I put he one with high back with purse hooks up for sale. We had a small table in our foyer and I thought it might be nice to have a hall tree with purse hooks, so here we go.

I took apart the fencing and kept all of the nails. I wanted to use them as much as possible. I had to use pocket screws where it made sense to make a solid base. I sanded all of the wood with my orbital sander. The only downside of using a battery operated sander is having to keep 2 batteries on the charger to keep the project moving. The portability makes it worth it though.

With the idea that this is going to be in a hall I really wanted to make sure the door would be shut when it is supposed to be. I was going to use an exterior latch but imagined that it was going to be used by children and they may not latch the door. Then dad gets home from work and bangs his knee on an unlatched door. I used a magnetic latch to secure the door. Dad is safe. I white washed the base. I figured it I was making it out of fencing that I should white wash it, a little inspiration from Tom Sawyer.

With the base built I attached to door and a pair of hooks to hang your hat, coat or Carrie’s purse.


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