Garden Wine Rack

Last week we had a forecast for a bit of snow here in Manchester, Pennsylvania. So that meant that I finally had to clean out my garage. I had been using the garage for my warm weather projects and hadn’t gotten around to cleaning it out before winter. I needed to get the cars in the garage and test the snow thrower. If the snow thrower didn’t work that means there was a lot of shoveling in my future. By “My Future” I mean George and Alan’s future. It’s just one of the benefits of having teenagers. I’d just supervise. By “Supervise” I mean sit in the house, drink coffee and watch.

We got the garage cleaned, snow thrower OP-TESTED SAT (Navy jargon), cars tucked away and George took care of the driveway and sidewalk the next morning.

During this clean-up process Alan found a rake that broke last spring. Back then I told him to throw it in the garage because I would find a use for it sooner or later. We also had 4 panels of fencing I picked up from a friend in the summer that I had saved for something, but I didn’t know what at the time. So the boys moved it all to the basement for me.

Since my basement was now packed full of stuff, I spent the next day cleaning and reorganizing everything. I had to start getting some of these materials turned into something useful. This was a quick little project. I had seen it before and thought about it when the rake broke and quickly forgot about it because I needed a new rake.

I put it in the store on Saturday; I’ve had a lot of interest in it. I am curious how long it will be there.



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