Shelves from Drawers

I hate to throw anything away that might become something really cool, or even just somewhat interesting. After making our bathroom vanity from a treadle sewing machine I had a bunch of “spare” parts and “extra” screws. Right away I knew the drawers were going to need to be displayed as something so I put a pair of saw tooth hangers on the back of each of them and they became neat knick-knack shelves. If I didn’t like them as shelves it would be easy enough to take them down and use them for something else.

As it turns out, we loved them so much that I started looking for more. Carrie wanted a couple to display her Troy Polamalu and Ben Roethlisberger bobble heads. Yes we are a house divided. My Eagles and her Steelers are always fighting for wall space. Now that Foles just signed on as Wentz’s back up and we got Alshon Jeffery for a year, the war continues.

I didn’t see any that I liked at the flea markets and yard sales but I found a few when I was looking for another vintage treadle sewing machine.

A few saw tooth hangers and Ben and Troy were in agreement of their location (you could tell because their heads were nodding). The drawer case was not going to get thrown away. It has nice details and it was going to become another display piece.

I took the thinnest plywood I could get and cut it to fit each level. I used a bandsaw and belt sander to get this part done. The plywood was painted with 2 coats of black semi-gloss . The interior shelves don’t need to be nailed down because I had to cut notches in them to fit around the detail work. The top shelf on the other hand is secured with wood glue and decorating upholstery tacks.

I had no idea where I was going to put it when Carrie said she wanted it in the office. We don’t have much wall space left in there. We found a small niche for it and she had just in mind what to display on it. She has her “mud people” collection and some ink wells. If you don’t know what “mud people” are, I will explain. They are small people, made of mud. I will explain further. They are a common inexpensive collectable in regions of Spain. When Carrie’s father was in the Navy he would bring some back from his deployments. Later when I was in the Navy I added to her collection whenever I hit port in Spain. One year I picked up two full nativity scenes. My mother-in-law had one and it was destroyed years ago so I took the opportunity to replace it on my first deployment. The other was for Carrie to play with. Yes I said play with. Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you call it something other than “playing” with dolls. I still play with toys; they are just more expensive now.


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