Neighborhood Library

We live in a small town surrounded by farmland, rivers, creeks and forests. We are not too far from larger cities. I can be in York or Harrisburg in about 20 minutes. As the years go on the farmers are retiring and selling their land to residential developers. We built our house in a new neighborhood, Rolling Meadows. It once was called Retzel Farms. Right now we are pretty small but when it is done we will have over 200 homes in our subdivision. Our little subdivision does it’s best to live like a community. We schedule our yard sales together to attract more foot traffic. We help each other out when we can, especially when it snows. Basically we keep an eye out for one another with being too nosey.

A few months ago I was “enjoying” the AFC Championship game at a neighbor’s house and noticed one of the other neighbors posted a request on our HOA Facebook page. She posted a picture of a little library box and asked if anyone one was interested in having one in the neighborhood. A few other families’ chimed in and thought it would be nice to have. So naturally I posted “I’ll build it”. There was concern over that may be vandalized by unruly teenagers. To that I replied “I’ll build another one.”

With that settled I build this. It is not particularly unique. This has been a trend for some time now. Some have formed organizations. I just looked up “Little Library” on Pinterest and found a bunch of examples. It was winter and the ground was frozen. I took my time painting it and coming up with art designs. Over the last week the weather has warmed up and all the snow has melted. The trees and flowers are blooming and my (newly discovered) allergies are in motion.

So when I left work yesterday I stopped by Lowe’s to pick up a posthole digger and planted our neighborhood library right next to our common area. Now you can grab a book on your way to the pool, park or pavilion, or you just drop one off to share.


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