Fly Wheel/Flex Plate Clocks

My clients of late are looking for industrial or steam-punk décor. I love new challenges so I am more than happy to accommodate when I can. I don’t weld (yet) so there are some things outside of my skill set. However I can still make some rusty stuff look pretty cool.

I have a scrap metal guy, Tom. Tom and I have an arrangement. Tom gives me a call before he takes his haul to the scrap yard and I pay him above scrap prices for my picks. It works for both of us. I get my materials cheaper than going to a flea market and he makes a couple buck more than the scrap yard would pay him. Win, win.

Last pick included these fly wheels / flex plates. What are they? Long story short, a fly wheel is in a manual vehicle and a flex plate is in an automatic. For my purposes, they had to be clocks. I originally was just going to make these to sell. Once I displayed them for a few pictures I decide to keep the one in glossy black with red hands. The other two are going up for sale.

These were fun to make and if Tom can hook me up with more, I’ll make more.



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