The Author

My name is Gus Tatlas. I am a husband, father, veteran, upcycler and amateur blogger. Like most people I have many interests and want to share them. Blogging seems to be the best opportunity to do that without annoying everyone that has no choice but to see me every day.

I was given the advice that I should dedicate my blog to one subject otherwise it could get confusing to look at and cumbersome to manage. If you are looking at my oatmeal cookie recipe do you really want to see my opinion on the current campaigns? Probably not, and neither would I. With that advice taken to heart I will provide links to my other blogs should you be interested.

As with all my post I welcome comments. I love intellectual discussions and welcome differences in perspective. I believe we can learn from each other as long as we stay on topic and are respectful. You do not have to register to comment. I manually approve each comment to make sure my 2 rules are followed.

I hope you get something out of my posts and if you have a blog, please share it with me.


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